Uncle Sam – A COVID19 Victim of the Matriarchy?

1bfy8zarnf9yzlugwex1yfqI’ve read a lot trying to understand the ideas and movements behind the sheer insanity (see Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel – a “Karen” on steroids) that has engulfed the United States over the COVID-19 scenario.  This article really resonated with me in light of the continuing self-inflicted economic and social suicide being imposed on the hapless American people, although I might not agree with some of the writer’s worldview. The ideas of a “risk averse” society is something totally foreign to those of us who grew up through the 60’s and 70’s in American suburbia.  The continuing social decline expressed in the unprecedented shutdown of the greatest economy in the world – and the now ensuing destructive blowback – has been truly bewildering. Where are the men?

Single Mom also does not want her own expertise questioned by her child nor society at large even though a single Mom is doing something which all human history has tried to avoid – raising a child in relative isolation. Thus, questioning any authority at all is often subconsciously disagreeable and threatening in the unstable Single Mother Queendom. We saw how the treatment of Michigander protesters was so hysterical, truly false (the vast majority of protesters stayed in their car), and how it rejected any honest debate. It is not an exaggeration but a reality that single Moms in America must be especially comfortable with investing dictatorial powers in one person – that’s how they must raise their kids in a Western, anti-extended family culture.

While nobody knew this for certain at the outset of the novel coronavirus, it now seems abundantly clear that the need for mass quarantine was overblown and is no longer necessary. Yet there is massive resistance from US matriarchs and their supporters to restart normal human society, despite the psychological, cultural, medical and economic harm continued lockdowns would induce. Sweden and others have shown that a modicum of social responsibility should logically reduce the fear and panic-based notions which initially drove the Great Lockdowns.

A short-sighted insistence on remaining at home indefinitely regardless of the negative ramifications of such overprotection; a demand for total obedience to authorities which never merited nor could even handle such powers (because they are not socialist-inspired) the decidedly anti-intellectual acceptance of the decisions of mediocre technocrats even after they have been proven wrong – we see all three of the problems I listed with matriarchies: stagnation-creating risk aversion, emotional intimidation, hysterical embracing of new and untested ideas.

Read the rest: “The Great Lockdown: The political apex of US single Moms & Western matriarchy?

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