“Tithing” your stimulus check? Pump the brakes there

Sure enough, I saw it pop up first on Twitter, and the vultures are circling. The idea that professing Christians are obligated to “tithe” their stimulus checks to the ministry – many commentators suggesting from ten percent to even one hundred percent. A cursory reading c_scalefl_progressiveq_80w_800sees the faithful parroting the mangled theology of the American prosperity gospel that has infected the culture for decades, evidence of how many have bought into this lie.

The 2020 stimulus checks were issued by the US government for one purpose – that laid off and furloughed workers might possibly weather for a while the economic downturn due to the quarantine the same government decreed in a furtive attempt to manage the Covid-19 pandemic. As during the 2008 banking/real estate market crash that financially decimated so many lives, a sovereign God permitted this as a corrective measure on a Church polluted by the prosperity and materialism of a our country and era.  Likewise, the Covid-19 pandemic – plagues being a Biblical sign of God’s judgment – is a corrective measure as well.  This pandemic did not happen outside of the Lord’s sovereign will, but has a purpose.  Very, very few are talking about that.

So, should Christian people “tithe” money from their stimulus check?  The Bible teaches first that men should “provide for their families.” I guarantee

Louisiana pastor asks followers to send their stimulus checks to churches instead of buying food.
Louisiana pastor asks followers to send their stimulus checks to churches instead of buying food. (Click on graphic for story.)

you, if you have qualified for a stimulus payment, you are square in the demographic that is most vulnerable in our fractured, crippled economy.  That money is for groceries and rent and providing for your family. It is for, perhaps, car repairs, so you are prepared to go back to work, or paying off your utilities.

It is NOT to continue to underwrite the thoroughly spiritually and morally bankrupt American Evangelical Industrial Complex; the “mega church” model that has grown like a cancer across the country.  Some of these “celebrity” preachers are worth millions, having lived like parasites off the False idolnaive generosity of the true Church for generations, or unfortunately the unrepented of greed of the same.  It is lost on the undiscerning that the two major catastrophes of recent years to so negatively impact American culture and visible Christianity – the 2008 market crash and the Covid-19 pandemic – have both directly targeted the biggest idol in the modern day American Church – the almighty dollar.

The simple guidelines for New Testament giving are clear. It is what Christianity has become in America that has perverted the simplicity of it.

Statistics show that an insane number of people are in debt, most living paycheck to paycheck, and few with even a small savings to fall back on in the event of an emergency. Acknowledging many reasons for the cost of living in some states and areas or circumstances beyond an individual’s control, a lot of this is still because of simple gross mismanagement of personal finances.  Giving ones hard earned money to these “Christian” shysters and extortionists who mainly appeal to people’s greed is first of all, unbiblical, it’s also irresponsible.  The Lord does not need your money to “further the ministry.”  These wolves in sheep’s clothing need it to underwrite their exorbitant, posh lifestyles and bloated corporate budgets, and that at the expense of the naive, undiscerning, and ill-informed.

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2 thoughts on ““Tithing” your stimulus check? Pump the brakes there”

  1. AMEN and thank you, my longtime friend. As you now this greed goes beyond the celebrity pastors and their mega-churches, this problem is more expanded. A solution? For years now I’ve been talking about the need for Acts 2 house churches (or in a rent-free loc), but with ZERO salaries. A ‘Church of Benevolence.’ Churches where you leave your checkbooks at home, and the members use their hard-earned money to pay off their debts (as the Scriptures command). And if you have extra funds, then when the time comes, be ready to help when they ‘pass the plate’ to receive an offering (cash only) for those in need, all without funding payrolls. I know many ‘elder qualified’ retired men that could pastor for zero salary, and I’d be happy to do so myself. But no churches would plant churches like that, because that goes against ‘the establishment,’ or as you say the “American Evangelical Industrial Complex.” I would also like to see the tax exempt laws abolished, and churches pay taxes again. Only then would they be in more in compliance with Romans 13. A side note: Recently I read a book on Biblical Eldership by Alexander Strauch. An excellent book, but he said payrolls for pastors and elders is a “right” and they are “entitled” to it. As I stated in my ‘written review’ of that book:

    “In this one area, Strauch comes across as having the attitude of a hireling, and not a Shephard, or the ‘entitlement mentality’ of so many today. Frankly, I’m not even entitled to the oxygen that God allows me to breath (by His grace). Today I am seeing an increase of Christians asking (or begging) for money via their YouTube channels. And when they’re not assertively asking for financial assistance, they’re diffidently ending their videos with captions or clichés like “partner with us,” or “become a Gospel partner….”

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