The Fall of Canada, The Danger in the US – Dr Naomi Wolf

The trucker convoy spearheading the vaccine mandates protests in Ottawa.

Dr. Naomi Wolf does what few are doing in the face of the turmoil gripping Canada under the Trudeau regime and the rebellion against the vaccine mandates – she delves back into history. An excellent commentary that reveals this years long Covid19 debacle has been little about health, and more and more a power grab by corrupt globalists under the pretext of “emergency.”


At this stage in history, you do not go back to a previous state of civil society order without arrests, though hopefully you can do so without civil war. Historically, when a would-be dictator has reached this point in the suspension of democratic processes and has sought this level of a power grab, his arrests of the opposition’s leaders, on trumped-up charges, come next. Also arrested at this point are labor leaders, outspoken members of the clergy, and independent journalists and editors.

May the Canadian people be successful in, not only leashing this guy, but ousting him. I’m glad to see Pastors/clergy on the streets of Ottawa praying with people, as this grievous trial wakes them up to the rotten fruit a largely secular existence has engendered.

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The reason the US wants war in Ukraine is ultimately all about the dollar

The dollar

For those who have followed my news feed for sometime, global financial issues aren’t anything new. But this article, in light of what is happening here in 2022 concerning Russia and Ukraine, is a good recap of global trends that have brought us to this point. That includes justified criticism of the US’s abuse of the dollar as the current global reserve currency. Very insightful, for the bewildered, to the background of ongoing international conflict.

Contemporary “Great Power” competition ultimately comes down to global financial control.

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The reason the US wants war in Ukraine is ultimately all about the dollar