Three deaths – Unrelated

InevitableThree recent deaths in circles I operate in.

One, a family member’s 18 year old brother died suddenly. No reason known at this point. Not Covid19 related.

Another, a client’s husband died after a long period of infirmity. They were married for decades. Just old age. Not Covid19 related.

Another client, even more recently. Her 45 year old son died unexpectedly. He had a 17 year old son. Not Covid19 related.

All came in quick succession. In the midst of the continuing Covid19 panic of a populous whipped into hysteria by the media and Big Pharma, desperately trying to escape the inevitable, dutifully complying with an ever increasing absurdity of “mitigation” efforts that have really done nothing to protect people, except temporarily assuaging their frightened, weak minds.

Know the LORD. He’ll prepare you to meet the future more than any useless government or medical bureaucracy.

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