Marine Gen. James Mattis – Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital.

President Donald Trump and Defense Secretary, retired USMC General, James Mattis.

Defense Secretary-designate James Mattis bluntly stated under questioning at his confirmation hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017, that,

“…The capital of Israel that I go to, sir, is Tel Aviv, sir, because that’s where all their government people are.”

Got that?  Tel Aviv – NOT Jerusalem.  The Defense Secretary is previously on the record supporting a “two state” solution in the conflict between the Israelis and the “Palestinians.” A “two state” solution is a non-starter. It always has been, especially since the George W. Bush “Road Map to Peace” Republican debacle, and the subsequent Israeli “Disengagement”from the Gaza strip. I was heading the Christian Supporters of Israel list at at that time, and remember well the way the Bush Administration strong-armed Arial Sharon and the Israelis into that disaster.

Arial Sharon ended up in a stroke induced coma, George Bush left office with some of the lowest presidential ratings in history, the Democrats swept to power under Barack Obama, and the Arab terrorist organization HAMAS has controlled the Gaza strip ever since.

I really resent the GOP trotting out the “move the American embassy to Jerusalem” canard every election cycle to manipulate and placate the Evangelical demographic – for votes.


I am disappointed the majority Evangelical Christian community and Israeli Zionist organizations let the corrupt GOP pull their strings like mindless marionettes, to sway them. Now again, with Trump. The LORD never blesses our self-delusion.

The U.S. government has no intentions whatsoever of moving the American embassy to Jerusalem.  Mattis knows this. Especially as the Secretary of Defense now, and having to potentially contend with the ensuing fallout of the regional violence and wars that would follow such a move.

That is reality.

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