Dopesick on Hulu and the Rise Of The Opioid Crisis

It’s the same playbook!

We’ve been watching the movie “Dopesick” on Hulu. Purdue Pharmaceuticals coins the term “breakthrough pain” to justify expanding OxyContin’s strength and use. Today, Big Pharma is coining the term “breakthrough infections” to expand the use of the failed Covid19 vaccines (more booster shots).  The story of the Opioid crisis is bad enough, but seeing it played out again in real time, amidst the Covid19 debacle is sickening…

Dopesick - the movie
Dopesick – the movie

Watch it at Hulu.  Tell me this isn’t happening again with Big Pharma, the media and government response to the Covid19 debacle.

Also: U.S. Judge Tosses $4.5 Billion Deal Shielding Sacklers From Opioid Lawsuits.


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