You Can’t Stop a Tidal Wave So You Might As Well Try

From the Burning Platform.

The Omicron® virus has arrived right on schedule and, of course, quite propitiously for those promoting The Great Reset®.   Fortunately, for them, each new wave has its own trademarked classification designed for maximum advertising impact within the ever-expanding COVID® brand.  Accordingly, the Omicron® campaign comes just in time for kids getting jabbed and will potentially distract from the spate of gift-wrapped Faucigate bookslovingly laid under living room trees this Christmas.  Furthermore, Omicron®, will likely be used to conceal Covid vaccine failure and convince the Double-Jabbed to take that third swing.

As I’ve stated before, the Elite won’t turn back now. They are completely committed. This is because the Covid offensive either ends up with them lined up against walls or the We the Plebeians in digital chains….


The most recent publications impacting the national conversation on Covid19 vaccines and forced mandates.


Top reasons why healthcare professionals refuse to speak up about covid vaccine injury and death

“…A growing number of healthcare professionals are speaking up about the damage wrought by Dr. Fauci’s remdesivir, ventilator and vaccine mandate across U.S. hospital systems. More healthcare professionals are starting to speak up about covid vaccine injuries and the rise of severe disease in the “fully vaccinated.” But if the mandated protocols and experimental vaccines were really dangerous, then why wouldn’t everyone in the medical field speak out and demand change?”

The most recent publications impacting the national conversation on Covid19 vaccines and forced mandates.


RN – Leaving California


RN - Leaving California
Nurse Jenny, somewhere in North Texas on the trip East.

So, my sister, “Nurse Jenny,” joins the growing exodus of medical professionals abandoning the state of California. The high profile, major healthcare provider she was working for as a home healthcare nurse has mandated employees receive the Covid19 vaccines as condition of employment.  Subsequently, her initial vaccine waiver and religious exemption was denied.

An RN for over fifteen years, and after working for this provider for five years – consistently through the Covid19 hysteria like thousands of other medical professionals – she found herself “person non grata” due to refusing the employer mandated vaccine.  It is interesting how frontline nurses were lauded by the media as “heroes” putting themselves at great risk when Covid19 was initially portrayed as, yet again, a global “killer.” Now, in hindsight, as the corruption of Big Pharma and governmental mismanagement – least of all the complete ineffectiveness of the vaccines to do what they are still advertised to do – and Covid19 as nothing more than a bad flu, dissident nurses and doctors are turned out for refusing to submit to the further bioethical subversion of the medical field.  Our culture is so fickle.

Hero to Zero
Hero to Zero

Nurse Jenny’s initial refusal to take the vaccine was a personal one, due to certain physical conditions that put her at risk of an adverse reaction.  Further, like many in the dissident medical community, being an advocate for early  therapeutic prophylactics to address respiratory illnesses before vaccines (especially forced), has put them at odds with the approved government and corporate media “narrative.”

As a quick aside, Nurse Jenny suggested for my family and I to implement a supplement regimen of daily vitamin D, C, zinc orotate SR, plus super B complex (elements the body does not retain daily and key to a healthy immune system).  I was never a supplement fan to this point, but since employing this regimen over the last two years since the “pandemic” started, not only have we not been sick, I feel twenty years younger!  The censorship on social media, demonizing and ostracizing of a good portion of the professional medical world who have published alternative and effective plans and opposed the national and global response to the Covid19 phenomenon is well known.  Yes, alternative healthcare does work, and the media and Big Pharma censorship of these alternatives (low cost, readily available) is revealing.

In the midst of this national conflict, there is a dynamic I have observed that I don’t think has been articulated to any great degree, especially in the American arena.  American culture for decades has grown soft, sometimes spoiled; superficially materialistic, our way of life taken for granted.  Personal freedom and autonomy a license to “live carelessly” as the Bible uses the term.  The last two years has presented a challenge to Americans to come to grips with the reality that freedom is not “free,” the price paid by sometimes having to pay a price; take a stand, to take a risk and hazard a comfortable, routine lifestyle and model moral courage in the face of an encroaching tyranny.  I saw this tendency first, because of my close proximity, in the nursing profession.

Indeed, perhaps in the midst of these forced vaccines and mandates, the foundation of the nursing conflict lies at the heart of the Florence Nightingale Pledge they all take at their credential graduation…

The Florence Nightingale Pledge
The Florence Nightingale Pledge

….I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous, and will not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug.

A lot of nurses take that pledge seriously.

Right now, since the vaccines rollout, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has reported over 20,000 deaths and over 32,000 Permanent Disabilities.  Many medical institutions aren’t even reporting them anymore.  This does not even figure in the European casualties.  Despite the government’s and Big Pharma’s relentless claims these vaccines are “safe and effective,” they most certainly are not, for a growing body of people.  Nobody should be forced to essentially play Russian roulette with their health like this.  It is morally and ethically wrong, and censoring medical professionals with effectively proven strategies to treat patients because they threaten Big Pharma’s lucrative monopoly on healthcare is criminal.

Thankfully, more and more medical professionals are courageously standing up, modeling the same moral courage they exhibited working in the midst the initial panicked unknowns of the Covid19 pandemic, and are now opposing this destructive and reckless vaccination push.  America’s Frontline Doctors is one such organization.  Fired nurses and doctors are networking, new medical institutions and associations are being formed and built.  I predict a continued collapse of the industrial medical complex as this brain drain (The Great Resignation) of the growing understaffed current status quo leads to overburdened systems already straining under the peripheral fallout of the vaccine mandates.  Really disruptive.  But not a bad thing.

Nurse Jenny and the Penske
Nurse Jenny and the Penske

But back to Nurse Jenny.  Her former employer had some initial contacts with her while she was on forced unpaid administrative leave.  Some of the questions they submitted to her near her termination time were interesting, as they were clearly looking for eccentric or quirky belief systems, a transparent bid to build a future liability shield.  It is clear many of these firings are inevitably going to end up in broad class action lawsuits down the road.  They know this.  Labor lawyers are going to have job security for many years to come.

After trying to threaten and coerce her to “get the jab” at great personal risk, all they finally saw was a yellow Penske logo in the dust heading East for a new life in Tennessee.  The Left disparages the “new Right’s cult of toughness,” what most understand to be basic American self-reliance, by curiously trying to tie it to Trump and “Trumpism” and per Leftist de rigueur thought, “dangerous.” Yet the current administration, clearly hard-Left in ideology and aggressively pushing forward with vaccine mandates on critical institutions across America is forcing medical professionals… and law enforcement professionals… and firefighters and EMS professionals… and all branches of the military, to have to make hard choices, to depend on God and that American “toughness,” – sans Trump – and to risk their livelihoods and careers and move on to other opportunities, even if it means moving across the United States to friendly communities ready to receive them with open arms.

Nurse Jenny’s story should be an encouragement to many of those nurses and medical professionals who are unjustly losing their jobs right now.  Her former patients will miss her, as well as her former associates.  Targeted medical professional’s services and skills are in even greater demand, free of these bureaucratically oppressive institutions.  All represent the highest standards in their field in ethics and courage, the best in their fields.  The current turmoil in medicine will continue to produce a better alternative to the status quo as the best and brightest – the courageous – continue to wrest the medical field from the clutches of the arrogant, greedy, and corrupt, and return it to its foundation.  Personal medical autonomy between doctors and patients, free of the destructive bureaucracy.

Nurse Jenny submits: “The Oath and Prayer of Maimonides
Bioethics Resources for education and research on bioethics – Dalhousie University Libraries

(Nurse Jenny can be contacted at:


The most recent publications impacting the national conversation on Covid19 vaccines and forced mandates.


Societal conditioning for “The Mark”

Saw this at ZeroHedge first, authored by Michael Snyder.  Yes, things are getting weird, but nothing that was forewarned about in the Bible about the “latter days.”  Interesting…

Society is increasingly being divided into two classes of people, and the class of people that is willingly conforming is being granted many “privileges” that the other group is being denied.

Many believe that this is “just a phase” and that things will eventually go back to normal.

But the truth is that this is not “just a phase” at all.

For a long time, health authorities were promising us that if we all did exactly what they asked that the pandemic would come to an end.

Unfortunately, now they are openly admitting that COVID is going to be with us permanently


A Microchip Containing Your Vaccine Passport Information Can Now Be Embedded In Your Hand

The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health


Fauci’s scam starting to be exposed to reality.  By Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  Making waves in the national debate over Covid19 vaccines and mandates.  Buy the book!

The Real Anthony Fauci
The Real Anthony Fauci

The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense)






Three deaths – Unrelated

InevitableThree recent deaths in circles I operate in.

One, a family member’s 18 year old brother died suddenly. No reason known at this point. Not Covid19 related.

Another, a client’s husband died after a long period of infirmity. They were married for decades. Just old age. Not Covid19 related.

Another client, even more recently. Her 45 year old son died unexpectedly. He had a 17 year old son. Not Covid19 related.

All came in quick succession. In the midst of the continuing Covid19 panic of a populous whipped into hysteria by the media and Big Pharma, desperately trying to escape the inevitable, dutifully complying with an ever increasing absurdity of “mitigation” efforts that have really done nothing to protect people, except temporarily assuaging their frightened, weak minds.

Know the LORD. He’ll prepare you to meet the future more than any useless government or medical bureaucracy.

Revolution 2020 – An excellent cultural/political study

protestThis far ranging, well thought out article has to be one of the best I have read in recent years and as we lead up to the 2019 election. A pretty accurate summary of the last four years – and further back – and looking toward the future. In here, you will see partly why I abandoned the Republican Party in 2016. Trump, the 2016 elections, Covid19. Things needed to be changed, and now they are, like it or not.

Small excerpt:

Thus, willy-nilly, the Act (note: Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964) established what U.S. law quickly recognized as “protected categories” of persons. This negates the American republic’s bedrock: “all men are created equal…”


Continue reading…Revolution 2020 – Angelo Codevilla


Lawful Rebellion on the 4th of July

In the midst of the COVID19 fiasco and quarantines and the now intermittent and ongoing protests and social upheaval, one thing I was happy to see is the surge of attorneys nationwide publicly stating they will represent, pro bono, anybody targeted/fined by the authorities, not only for not wearing a mask (a useless gesture), but keeping their personal businesss open after being ordered again to close them.

In California, Governor Newsom’s completely arbitrary closures of re-opened restaurants over the 4th of July weekend and, incredibly, his order that churches stop singing in their services (to be largely ignored), belie the intrusive, totalitarian paternalism of a “progressive” philosophy that is increasingly irrelevant.  Nobody is complying anymore, simply because the California administration has careened into the absurd.

It is heartening that a majority of the population is coming to grips with the reality, freedoms taken for granted so long and a quiet status quo that has stood by enduring the destructive fallout of the misguided and unjustified Covid19 quarantines and the lawless Antifah rioting, are starting to shoulder the personal responsibility; the moral courage, to stand up to this tyranny.  To learn how to say NO, and to push back.

Whether this has any enduring fruit remains to be seen, though…


Frederick Douglass
Frederick Douglass


Contact Tracing – Brought to its logical conclusion

Revelation 13:16-17 King James Version (KJV)

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Biblical teaching about the “mark of the beast” in the Book of Revelation has been a subject of decades long discussion in theological circles. As the years pass, the fact that a global marking/tracking program is now very possible should be obvious to even the most dimwitted.  COVID-19 “contact tracing” programs being rapidly implemented nationally and globally are a good example of that.

As I watch the unfolding governmental disaster that is the COVID-19 fiasco, that these same maniacs would continue to double down in authoritarian abuse is incredible. The things proposed in these overreaching contact tracing programs, ostensibly to fight the overhyped virus, are absurd, unworkable, would continue to destroy any semblance of normal life or economic recovery, especially here in California – all for a flu virus with pretty much the same casualty count as the seasonal flu.

screenshot_20200510-232249Knowing the way the system (government paternalism and abuse/social media reach/surveillance/digital trails) works from my decades of observation and hindsight, every time I drive by one of these “free” and heavily promoted testing stations, I can’t help but feel sad for these wayward sheep so frightened into irrationality and shortsightedness by the government and media. All their personal information dumped into these databases to potentially be used against them in the future in this misguided campaign to stop the “scary virus,” which is impossible. The naive and gullible think it is.

This is insane. This lady lays out the facts and explores the logical conclusions if this continues to spread into our nation.

A Women Gets Her Contact Tracer Certificates and Tells All

How Soon We Forget

1992 Los Angeles Riots
1992 Los Angeles Riots

Like many older people who have lived through the challenging American cultural/media events of the last few decades, the current 2020 Minneapolis riots in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd is familiar territory. I try not to be cynical, but nothing has changed, nor will it. There is money to be made by the media, and fame and power to to achieved by race hustlers and morally bankrupt politicians and community leaders lying to the Black American community. Those courageous Black pastors and social commentators who still push on trying to make a difference. Maybe they can continue to save a few.

Anyway, current events brought back memories of this article I wrote for my web site in the wake of the ’92 Los Angeles Riots. Been there, saw that. Black Americans in Minneapolis arming themselves and protecting their lives and properties while the “Progressives” abandon them to the repercussions of their failed social policies are a throwback to the Koreans of LA who found themselves in the same unfortunate scenario, almost 38 years ago.

Driving through the contorted city was a surreal, strange experience. The columns ofL.A. riot fire smoke rose into the air like bizarre, branchless trees, some close, some miles off in the distance. The burning buildings right next to the freeway looked like movie props, a set carefully manufactured for the filming of a typical Hollywood action movie. Maybe a war movie? An assault on an enemy city? But this was real. The cross streets that ran under the overpasses of the 110 freeway were all but abandoned, except for the lone pedestrian darting across the pavement. At some intersections, there were a lot more. Angry, looting mobs, milling in the streets. Carloads of then flying up and down the freeways, up one on-ramp, and down another, on their gleeful, destructive ways.

The 1992 Los Angeles riots.The LA Riots

I don’t know what compelled me to drive through there, but being in the area of South Central LA the day after the initial rioting began and watching it on the news, I had to see for myself what was really going on. I had picked up a load of product for the business and was at the “fork in the road.” Home was East, and away from the war zone. South Central was just to the West, and South down the 110.


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