Laid off or furloughed? A helpful link.

unemployed-personLike many people in the midst of this Covid-19 epidemic, I’m looking at the very real prospect in the future of being unemployed.  As an older staff member, working with the same company and in the same industry for 40 years this month, there’s certainly a struggle with normalcy bias.  Plus the fact that a thriving business that was looking at another record year pretty much had a bomb dropped on it because the unique structure of our distributorship to the schools and restaurant industry.  Yes, all shut down by the government in this quarantine. And absolutely unnecessary.  That is some frustration to deal with.

In a conversation with a family member he remarked on my reputation in the community, business experience, and work ethic.  So I’m not too concerned of where I’ll end up in the future.

So, in the wake of this, and updating my Indeed and LinkedIn accounts, this article by Andrew Seaman at LinkedIn was helpful. On top of applying for unemployment, the processes of looking for another job are new to me – and a lot of other people. Fortunately I have learned in just recent years I know a lot more people than I realized.  So knowing that large network is there helps.  As of this writing, the US administration has decided to continue with current “social distancing” directives that have crippled our business within a few short weeks. The next thirty days are going to be challenging…

Read More (LinkedIn account may be required): Special Edition – Here’s what to do if you’ve been laid off or furloughed.


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