Fear Sells – evidentiary objectivity, not so much

virus_panicIn the midst of the media and government induced panic over the corona virus, objective, impartial voices are being drowned out by fear hustlers and alarmists, government officials posturing to cover their own butts, and “woke” types taking to social media “shaming” those who refuse to stand by and do nothing as the economic collapse generated by this rolls in on them.

I’ve identified most who are cheerleaders in the national “quarantine camp” who will be first to attack any objective, independent thinker who questions the narrative constantly being beaten into the populace.  You can spot them pretty quick.

  1. The politicians and “experts.” As recollections of the Obama administration and the handling of the H1N1 Swine Flu are dug up from the digital archives, the current crop seem intent on completely overreacting in the other direction.  California alone, one of the largest economies in the world, has been effectively crippled.  The 3.3 million (as of this writing) unemployment claims – which seems to generate a puerile shock by media talking heads – is a small part of the government’s taking a sledgehammer in a china shop to kill a hornet.
  2. Everybody and anybody who is on the payroll of any federal, state, or local municipality who has a guaranteed, tax payer funded, income and is sitting at home not worried at all about paying the rent or mortgage.
  3. Anyone on the payroll of a massive corporation whose work responsibilities make working remotely at home a small issue.
  4. Those who still live with their mom. It’s easy to virtue signal and self righteously “shame” people who have to work for a living ignoring a state mandated “shelter in place” just to keep a roof over the heads of their families and keep them fed.

01b5db1e675fa6b78e725bb1b42dfd6ba72540d0de2d8d195556a201d104e4fe_1-jpg2To those, like me, who have to pretty much stand by and watch this self inflicted destruction to “save grandma” demolish thousands of independently owned businesses and still work – because we ARE IT – I can only say, hold fast.  Continue to do whatever you think is best to survive, in the midst of this media generated panic and massive government induced carnage.  Continue to advocate for a more reasoned response to Covind-19, although at this point the blowback is going to be worse than anything the virus has, or could have, wrought.

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