Corona Makes International News


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Oh brother. Our city made international news. What a absurd example of the media – international this time – generating an overblown, sensationalistic article.  The “panic” they present is nothing of the sort.  That’s coming from someone who lives here.  Firearms and ammo purchasing is a continued fact of life in the U.S. during the relentless string of media hyped disasters, and certainly a good reason why things here have not deteriorated more socially.  Actually, sensationalizing this phenomenon probably is a good thing, as the criminal element is deterred by the realization they don’t know who is going to be armed if they try and pull something.  With Governor Gavin Newsom turning convicted felons loose on the streets and little to mitigate the flood of transients and mentally ill, on our streets, sane people realize we are pretty much on our own.

Read More: Fears of civil unrest in Californian city of Corona where the coronavirus panic buying is for guns instead of toilet rolls

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