A World Without America

Pax Americana
Pax Americana

In my recent Internet travels through the world of global finance, I fell across this article by . It was originally written in 2013 during the Obama administration. Through the circus; “Idiocracy” in real time,  which was the 2016 election cycle, I reiterated the critical point in history the United States and the world was facing. This article intrigued me because Trump ran on a policy of “non-intervention” in geopolitics.  It was funny because of course he immediately reversed that, just like Obama before him. When the Western led global financial cartel calls the shots, American presidents wielding the big club toe the line, no matter who they are.

But… what if the United States did just up and say, “Forget this,” and take all their toys and go home, parking those eleven nuclear powered aircraft carriers and accompanying destroyers, cruisers, and frigates in San Diego and Norfolk? What if, there was a major Black Swan event and a sovereign God pulled America’s plug (which He could)?

Why, the results, acknowledging the authors temperate outlook, might be something out of… the book Revelation…

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Looking At What The Other Side Sees.

Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with the heads of Russian and foreign news agencies in St. Petersburg on Thursday, June 1
Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with the heads of Russian and foreign news agencies in St. Petersburg on Thursday, June 1

As earlier followers of this blog these past few years have seen, the foundation of pretty much every ongoing conflict in the world right now are founded in the global currency wars and energy. Global economics. A resurgent Russia and China, – the BRIC’s nations – have in the wake of the 2008 economic meltdown started to push back, quite effectively, against the global financial order based on the petrodollar, and horribly managed by the reckless and decadent West.

Subsequently, we can see the narrative the Western media and government has furiously promoted of the “threats” these competitors are to the US and Western world. Follow the money, as the saying goes.

I have found this quite intriguing, and have followed the responses of these governments – who refuse to submit to the Western financial order, fascinating. Russia in particular. Putin’s management of his country in the face of Western sanctions has been impressive. I was certain the energy war Saudi Arabia initiated against them and Iran would severely hamper these countries abilities more over the last few years. They have not (whole other subject).

I make no judgements on who is “right or wrong” in the global arena these days. Unfortunately, America is just as wicked as the rest of this world in rebellion against her Creator. But the final world order (Antichrist) before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ in judgment on this world and the enemies of the Jewish nation, Israel, will be Western based.

Nevertheless, it is intriguing to observe the East contend with the realities of the trends toward this today. These daily scenarios will affect everybody.

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US oil drillers likely to undermine Russia-OPEC plan to boost crude prices

1973 long gas station lines.
1973 long gas station lines.

There are few Americans who vividly remember the long lines at the gas stations in the midst of the early 70’s oil embargo. It was a radical time for a society that depends so much on energy for transportation. That’s why the radical change in the global energy scenario in recent years engenders a feeling of poetic justice.

The strangle hold the OPEC oil cartel has had on the world up to only a few years ago continues to be beat back by the rise of oil fracking in the United States – even in the face of recent months and the Saudi’s attempts to undermine that new dominance again in mid 2017. This couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of cut-throat gangsters. The coming energy/currency wars in the Middle East are an inevitable result of that greedy manipulation.

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