The fall of Trump, A Christian’s perspective

I recall the primaries of 2016 and the election of Donald Trump like it was yesterday. I immediately changed my Republican registration to No Party Preference. After decades of voting (and very familiar with empty slogans like “Make America Great Again”)  I had had it with GOP ineffectiveness and malfeasance. I endured a lot of grief from friends and family because of my positions. There are still people I consider friends I don’t hear from because of the damage to our relationships for not “jumping on the Trump Train.”

Here we are, four years later this January and that house, built on shifting sand, has pretty much collapsed. In the midst of the ensuing chaos that has ensued, culminating in the raid on Capitol Hill, this pastor’s debriefing, after his own visit to the Save America Rally, is incredibly insightful, and I hope friends and family take the time to watch it and really self-examine in the light of God’s word and His sovereignty in the affairs of men, especially America.